Speakers of TTRT workshop

Vinayak Joglekar
Vinayak Joglekar

Lean Hiring- Work Smarter Not Harder

Contrary to the common belief that more choice would bring better results, smaller batches of profiles yield better results. You should reduce the number of resumes in every batch and get early feedback. In this talk Vinayak will conduct some experiments to prove this point.

Dinesh Gokhale

Pick Top 3 from hundreds of profiles within minutes? Welcome to AI

How many times have you missed a profile that finally got selected even though it was sourced from the same favourite portal?

It happened because you could not process all the seemingly suitable resumes on that portal. We will be giving you a tool that processes hundreds of profiles within minutes to give you the top 3. Come join Dinesh in exploring the magic of artificial intelligence.

Aditi Sharma

Stop being a Data Entry Operator -Introducing the magic of Natural Language Processing in recruitment

Every day as a recruiter you have to do repetitive tasks such as making short summary, updating data in company’s ATS (Applicant Tracking System), maintaining trackers etc.

Aren’t you bored of doing these mundane tasks that make you feel like a data entry operator?

NLP can change your life by automating these daily tasks. Aditi will practically demonstrate it in this presentation.




So what if you are not an engineer? You too can do technical evaluation

How many times have you heard that the candidate you have painstakingly sourced is technically unsuitable? Doesn’t it make you feel helpless and worried about all your hard work getting wasted?

Not anymore, as Akshay will be demonstrating a mobile app that will help you to technically evaluate your candidates independently without involving hiring managers or technical interviewers to weed out technically unsuitable candidates.




Are we paying too much or too little? Pay right with Paywatch!

Recruiters are often disappointed when their candidate doesn’t show up on the date of joining. It’s a challenge to make an offer which is high enough to beat a counter offer; yet low enough to be within the reasonable market standard. Paywatch is a tool which helps you to determine, what is high or low for a given technology and experience band. Anjali will be introducing and showing you how to use this tool.